Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements are mainly usually thought of as being for body building and athletes. Testosterone supplements are also used for men when sexual activity has diminished. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for sexual desire. When the body’s testosterone is increased, the desire for sex is also increased. There may be side effects from testosterone supplements. Men with a low sexual desire should use these supplements occasionally and not on a regular basis.

Some men who have low testosterone levels because of a physical condition may need their doctor to give them an injection of testosterone or a supplement to increase their testosterone levels. If supplements are used over a long period of time, the body will stop producing its own testosterone. When using supplements and boosts properly, the body can still produce small amounts of testosterone on its own.

Andropause: Male Menopause

Andropause is a condition that is referred as male menopause and is associated with low testosterone. Andropause is a stage that men go through when symptoms of aging start to appear. This is a condition that is being recognized by many physicians. Men often experience depression and loss of sexual desire.

The body’s endocrine system manages the hormones needed for the body to function properly. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for hormonal aging in men. When treating hormone problems, it is wise to know that all men are not alike and may have to be treated as such. The problem with the hormonal treatment program is not only the fact that the testosterone that is being taken may not be the right amount, but it could cause harmful effects on the body.

Find a Doctors That Understands How Male and Female Hormones Decline With Age Leading to Health Problems

Working with qualified doctors that know about the decline of age related male hormone problems, and being tested and monitored while taking testosterone, and replacing hormones to healthy levels. Men will start to feel the effects of low testosterone when their levels are at 600mg and their symptoms will start to increase as the levels get lower. When patients are tested and are found to have levels that are in the lower range and are told that this is an acceptable range, they should have their doctor recheck the results and insist on being treated for low testosterone.

It is very important for testosterone levels to remain normal. When they are at low levels, estrogen levels rise and this is dangerous to the prostate. Low levels can reduce sexual desire.