All You Need To Know On Paxil And Birth Defects

When a woman is pregnant, this is usually a very sensitive time for her as she needs to take good care of herself as well as the unborn child for everything to run smoothly without any problems. This is why one should be very careful on the drugs they take to avoid any complications. One such drug is known as Paxil® which studies have shown that it may increase the chances of a woman delivering a baby with birth defects especially when taken in the first three months of pregnancy.

Three of the main effects that the child is most likely to be born with include:

•    Heart defects

Pregnant women who take Paxil® in their first trimester usually put their unborn babies in the risk of being born with heart defects. Experts say that these are usually ventricular septal and atrial defect in most cases, which is a condition where the walls of the chambers of the heart are characterized by holes. These can either be severe or mild depending on the health status of the child. The minor cases usually do not need any treatment but the parents have to seek medical attention for the severe cases for the children to undergo surgical repair so that they can survive.

•    Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN)

Studies have shown that Paxil® is linked to PPHN in children. This is a rare but life threatening defect that normally leads to multiple organ failure and even death. The studies revealed that woman who took Paxil® 20 weeks after they became pregnant were at higher risks of giving birth to a baby who has the condition than women who did not consume any antidepressants when they were pregnant. Most babies who survive the initial stages normally suffer from permanent speech, hearing and sometimes brain damage, which can lead to neurological deficits and developmental delays.

•    Health complications

Some of the health complications that one is likely to suffer from Paxil® birth defects include seizures, vomiting, irritability, low blood sugar, difficulties when breathing and tremor. If a child gets any defects as a result of this medicine the parents can take advantage of lawsuit health to protect their interests. This is because there are laws that are set aside to help the victims get justice from a court of law.

In conclusion Paxil® and birth defects is a very serious matter that all aspiring and pregnant mothers should be aware of to avoid the serious implications that one can get by delivering a child that has defects. Therefore parents such avoid taking the drug like Paxil® which has serotonin reuptake inhibitor as one of its main components, to avoid the risks of having to go through this and putting the unborn children in risk of getting heart defects, PPHN and other health complications that many hinder the child from living a normal life. One should also make sure they seek immediate medial attention if you suspect that the child has the defects to get appropriate treatment.